Agenda for AA Paris 2017 announced!

Architecture & Ecriture aims to celebrate writing as a critical and creative practice. It welcomes architects as well as writers, curators or artists interested in spatial theory and literature to join in the production of exciting new written and performative pieces.

Modeled on the Parisian literary Salon, Architecture & Ecriture will draw largely, though not exclusively, from French cultural studies and literature. During our stay at the Villa Vassilieff, we will explore how various forms of writing, and in particular the form of the Essai as set out by Montaigne, might contribute to the development of architectural thinking.

The Salon is a space of discussion and total immersion and Architecture & Ecriture will operate as a research platform where participants will be taught as well as invited to contribute new ideas to the current discussion about architectural writing and spatial theories.

Rosa Nussbaum