AA Visiting School


The Architectural Association (AA), is a famously independent architectural school. We are self-governed, self-motivated and self-funded. We have a broad commitment to bringing issues of contemporary architecture, cities and the environment to a large public audience, and we remain focused on the highest standards possible for the education of young architects. As a school we are famous not only for our students, teachers and graduates – the essential part of our legacy – but also for the many ways our courses and activities have contributed to improving the conditions of modern architectural learning, practice and knowledge.*

Today, the AA Visiting School (AAVS) is held on five continents in dozens of cities, territories and remote regions. The diverse courses that make up our AAVS programme provide teaching and learning opportunities for students, professionals and other international participants to engage with – up close, and led by AA tutors and other experts – many of the world’s most pressing architectural, technological, cultural, urban and social issues.

The short-course offerings in the Visiting School are open to visiting students enrolled at schools throughout the world, currently-enrolled AA students, recent graduates, architects and other creative individuals and professionals who wish to further their knowledge, practice and skills in architecture. Over the past decade thousands of participants have travelled to the main AA School in Bedford Square; to Hooke Park, the AA’s rural campus in Dorset in the West Country of England; or to one of the many global destinations that have served as the setting for AA Visiting School courses.**

Each year the work from these courses is brought back to London and presented at the AA in a Visiting School Summit and exhibition.


The AA is made up of countless parts. At our core is a worldwide association of members, an unrivalled public programme – of lectures, exhibitions, publications and other special events – and a global approach to teaching comprising a foundation year, undergraduate and graduate schools and more than 50 Visiting Schools worldwide. —Brett Steele, AA School Director


AAVS courses take participants on unimaginable journeys. They offer opportunities to engage with local forms of expertise and provide the kind of globalised learning experience that is imperative to a twenty-first-century architectural education. —Christopher Pierce, AA Visiting School Director